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Andys Batter - Fish - Red - Case Of 12 - 10 Oz

Andys Batter - Fish - Red - Case Of 12 - 10 Oz
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Andy's seasoning red fish breading combines a mixture of flour and spices to make the perfectly-seasoned fish. Using a traditional corn meal recipe, this breading uses paprika, salt, garlic and other spices to add rich flavor to fish of any type. Use it for baking or broil it to a golden-brown crisp. It also makes the perfect meatloaf, fried vegetables or shrimp. Each 10 oz. Bag breads 5-7 lbs. Of fish. See nutrition facts panel for allergens.
country of origin : united states
size : 10 oz
pack of : 12
selling unit : case
ingredients : corn meal;processed wheat;enriched bleached wheat flour;bleached wheat flour;niacin;reduced iron;thiamine mononitrate;riboflavin;folic acid;salt;spices;monosodium glutamate;garlic;paprika
keywords : breaded;fried;fry;seafood;shrimp

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